West Tennessee Treasures - Pickwick - The Historic Botel

Brittany Patterson

JACKSON, Tenn. - On the banks of the Tennessee River sits a little piece of history that made a big impact.

"During the project era of the TVA building the different dams to protect flooding and create electricity on the Tennessee River, this was actually the sleeping quarters and the chow hall for the workmen and the engineers," said Linda Quick, co-owner of The Historic Botel.

As the story goes, in the 1940's, the barge was converted to a floating restaurant and hotel, known as The Historic Botel.

"She started to sink, but nobody wanted it to go away. So the fisherman and the local construction crews worked together to get her up on land," said Quick's daughter and co-owner of The Historic Botel, Jamie Emery. "The fisherman lined up all their boats in the river and pushed. And the construction crews got their bulldozer and pulled."

Anchored safely, The Botel has served generations of families, as history and tall-tales have been kept alive on it's deck.

"It's a lot of fun to hear that tradition of families, and they're passing on stories and traditions. And we're family oriented. So it just feels like it's fulfilling that dream of being a family tradition and family vacation," said Emery.

"I've studied the history of the area," said Quick. "Some of it's legend. Some of it's myth. Some of it's historic. And I just absorb it all and I'll help pass it on if it's friendly and fun."

In addition to lodging on the barge, the Historic Botel offers tent and RV camping on the Tennessee River.


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