West Tennessee Treasures - Savannah - Historic District and Trail

Brittany Patterson

SAVANNAH, Tenn. - Old money and deep rooted pride as a successful river city have kept the historic homes of Savannah a timeless treasure.

"I think the heritage tourism that we have in our area and just the love of Savannah itself," said Hardin County Convention and Visitor Bureau Tourism Director Rachel Baker. "People are encouraged by those things to want to keep up their homes."

Over 40 properties are on the historic list in the city that dates back to the early 1800's.

"The Cherry Mansion is our oldest home in Savannah, built in 1830. But during the Civil War, several of the homes were burned in the area. So they started to rebuild just after that," said Baker. "During that time period, they were building them to look older - so several of the homes may look like they were built in the mid to late 1800s, but they may have really been built in the 1900's."

The Savannah Historic Trail gives tourists and residents alike a chance to experience the area's civil war history.

"For two and a half miles, you can walk or drive. It also goes through the Savannah Cemetery and down to the Wayne Jerrolds Park," said Baker. "There are reader boards and wayside exhibits along the way, as well."

Part of the fun includes the friendly faces you'll meet along the trail.

"Those people are treasure and pillars of our community, and we appreciate all the things that they have done over the years and their families have done and their ancestors to preserve this way of life for us," said Baker.

Homes on the trail are privately owned, but special arrangements to visit can be made in advanced.


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