West Tennessee Treasures - Savannah - Tennessee River Museum

Brittany Patterson

SAVANNAH, Tenn. - Promoting education and heritage tourism, the Tennessee River Museum in Savannah brings to life the rich history of the Lower Tennessee River Valley.

"Most residents don't realize how much history there is here or how many fantastic things happened here in the last 15,000 years," said Kent Collier, Chairman of the Board at the Tennessee River Museum.

Exhibits include everything from paleontology and mound builders to pioneers and the local civil war history.

"We have Shiloh National Military Park in the neighborhood which gets several hundred thousand visits a year, said Collier. "And we want to supplement what they do there, give people that are coming to Shiloh anyway, a chance to experience some of the other history of the region."

Numerous unique pieces found at Shiloh are on display at the Tennessee River Museum.

"The Shiloh Pipe is certainly a one of a kind item. We have the largest Shiloh artillery collection in existence," said Collier. "We just have so many unusual things."

The museum also boasts and extensive exhibit on the steamboat industry.

"They were almost like a bus line in a big city. If you wanted a ride, you walked down to the river bank - it didn't have to be a landing - and you raised you hand and the steamboat pulled over and dropped the stage and you go on," said Collier. "And when you got to wherever you wanted to get off, you indicated you wanted to get off and they'd do the same thing to let you off."

The Tennessee River Museum is open Monday through Saturday 9am - 5pm and Sunday 1pm - 5pm. Admission is $3 for adults, free for those 18 and under.

Orange admission tickets to Shiloh National Military Park allows free admission to the museum.


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