West Tennessee Treasures - Whiteville - Lee Ola Roberts Library

Brittany Patterson

WHITEVILLE, Tenn.- From the outside, Whiteville's library looks like many of the historic homes in the area, and that is because it once was the home of Lee Ola Roberts.

"She liked education and wanted the children to be educated and things since she didn't have any children of her own," said library director Glenda Doyle.

Donated in the late 1950s after Roberts' death, the public library is still embraced by the town of Whiteville.

"We have a need for it and there's a lot of people that don't have access to the Internet and they can come here and have access to it. People don't have access to books," said Doyle. "The library is a gift and it's for the public; it's for everybody."

With reading programs and special guests, Doyle said the library is especially beneficial to local children.

"A lot of my memories from my childhood and my teenage years were from this library," said Doyle.

She said although it's a small town, the library is a "big city" type of resource - just like the donor would have wanted.

"I think she would be pleased," said Doyle. "We've grown as a library and as a community and grown as to what we're offering our patrons here. So I think she would be pleased."

The library director said the resources at Lee Ola Roberts Library are also essential in helping local residents find employment.


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