West Tennessee Treasures- Henderson - Courthouse

Brittany Patterson

Built in 1913, the Chester County Courthouse is the third courthouse in the county, after the previous two burned down.

We're proud of it. We're very proud of it," said Chester County Clerk Johnny Garner. "We're proud we got it remodeled, and everything fixed up nice. It speaks good of the community."

And in the center point of the community, the courthouse holds significance for Henderson residents.

"Well, it's location for one, it's age for two, and the BBQ festival is always held here - that's three," said Garner. "We've always had the best BBQ out of anyone anywhere. Always. We've had it here for 100s of years - sure have."

But perhaps best know is the courthouse and town role on the silver screen, serving as one of the primary filming locations for the original "Walking Tall" films.

Lloyd Tatum Sr., a Henderson resident, played Buford Pusser's prosecutor in one of the films.

"They wanted to use the old courtroom, it had more color to it, and more character in it," said Tatum.

He says during filming, the courtroom and the whole community came to life.

"It was quite an exciting time for a little town like this one to be making movies in it," said Tatum.

The Chester County Courthouse in Henderson is on the National Register of Historic Places.


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