Poison Control

Prevent Medication Poisonings in your home
There are many things you can do to prevent poisonings from happening in your home.
Drugs and Medicines
1. Keep medications in their original bottles or containers if possible.
2. Keep all drugs in medicine cabinets or other childproof cabinets that young children cannot reach.
3. Don't take medicine in front of children because they like to copy adults.
4. Don't call medicine "candy".
5. When you take medicines, do not put your next dose on the counter where children can reach them.
6. Don't throw away medication patches or pills where children can find them. Used medication patches should be folded in half before discarding. There may still be enough medication in a used patch to harm a child if chewed or touched.
What to do if a poisoning happens
1. Stay calm
2. Call 911 if the victim has passed out or is not breathing.
3. If the victim is awake, call the poison control center at 1-800-222-1222 and try to have the following information: how old is the victim, what time did the poisoning happen, what the victim took, and where the poisoning happened. Stay on the phone and follow the instructions that you are given.

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