Champion of Character: Andrew Legan

Adam Wells

Andrew Legan is the senior captain for the Dyersburg Trojan soccer team. He's the team's undisputed leader and has been that way since his junior season. His leadership qualities become clear in his selfless attitude towards the game and his team.

"As a captain it's not that you're better than the others," Legan said. "There's a lot better players on our team than me. It's that you except and set examples for others in your actions and you handle situations that might no be the most pleasant."

During the Best of the West Tournament at USJ, Andrew suffered a deep thigh bruise that was so painful he could barely walk. Despite the injury he played through it, but it wasn't just the bruise that hurt.

"The most pain was the emotional side and just feeling incompetent on the field and feeling you're not playing your best and not playing normal," Legan said. "It's been frustrating but it came at a time when it didn't hurt the team."

It's always team first for the captain. For his head coach Greg Stapleton his job becomes easier when he can rely on Andrew.

"This year he's a co-captain with two juniors but that is because of transition," Stapleton said. " He is the ultimate leader of the team. We go to him first and I bounce everything off of him and it's not a question he's going to ask. I know he'll give feed back that is positive."

His leadership role is not only evident on the soccer field but in the classroom and community as well. Along with several friends he has set up a program to help Dyersburg flood victims. Most recently he was named oo-valedictorian for his senior class.

"The most important part is that you feel like you're serving others and loving them and that's what life is all about," Legan said. "It's difficult to balance time with everything but you hope your passion in it all will work out and that as you pursue it all that time provides itself and you fit everything in."

A selfless attitude from a selfless leader.

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