Educator of the Week - Sweeney

Laura Bannon

PINSON, Tenn. - South Elementary School second grade teacher, Janet Sweeney believes in her students.

"I'm someone that just doesn't try to teach children what they need to know but also I help them with their personal lives." She explains so they can grow to be whatever it is they want to be.

Her inspiration to be an educator comes from her childhood and working with her grandmother.

Sweeney said, "I would come home from school and I would tell her what I learned. I worked with her and I just loved teaching her the things I learned."

This educator said she tries to use her students interests as a way to educate.

Sweeney explained, "On a regular basis, the things they come in talk about, I try to include. Whether they play baseball for the boys or the girls that play soccer, I include what they like."

Having children of her own, Sweeney said her students remind her of her own family.

She said, "I want to make a difference and be an example for them, I let them know that I believe in them and I know they can be successful and whatever they try to be."

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