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Educator of the Week: Hays

Erik Taylor

JACKSON, Tenn.- Tiffany Hays is a first grade teacher at Thelma Barker Elementary School in North Jackson. Hays is new to the teaching scene but loves her job for a variety of reasons.

"My favorite part about teaching would definitely be the children. They're why I do this," Hays said.

Hays has a passion and natural drive to go the extra mile in teaching her students, which allows her to get past any difficulties she may encounter.

"I think my biggest challenge is teaching them to read. That's basically what we do. It's very difficult especially with a lot of different intelligence levels in the classroom. So just getting them all that I need is my biggest struggle," Hays said.

Hays feels technology in the classroom allows her and other teachers to overcome many difficulties especially when it comes to testing and engaging students. New technology such as smart boards and interactive laptops allow students to interact and participate in what is being taught to them. It also helps students feel more comfortable within the classroom and more like at home while trying to complete a tasks or test from knowledge they just learned.

"All kids have testing anxiety. I know it gives us testing anxiety too. We just try to make it fun and will have like a spirit week where we dress up and we try to help them remember that this test is not the end of the world.That they're still smart even if they don't perform well," Hays said.

During and after the school day, Hays acts as a ESL tutor and private tutor for students outside the classroom. She also tries to incorporate other incentives to keep her students interested in the task at hand. Hays uses a variety of teaching techniques to get her students back into the mindset of learning.

"We do a lot of dancing and yoga also so i try to use that as an incentive maybe if there not feeling well with whatever I'm teaching cause everything's not bunnies and rainbows," Hays said.

Hays hopes her ability to put her best foot forward and interact with the students allows them to go far in life.

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