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Educator of the Week - McEwen

Laura Bannon

GIBSON COUNTY, Tenn. - Trenton Middle School, inclusion teacher, Jeremy McEwen believes in his students.

“If you push them in a regular room, they get in there and say 'I can do that, I can hang with them and I can compete with them'. They say. 'I can compete with so and so', then you can see some growth.”

McEwen said he enjoys spending time with his students inside the classroom and outside.

“We spend probably more time with them than their parents and do a lot. We get them from 8-3, then the parents get them from 3 until they go to bed ,then they’re back… we build a lot of character”

This educator takes his job very seriously and he said the best way to educate is with a hands on approach.

“There’s certain moments in a day when you’re teaching and maybe it’s complicated, and you keep hammering away at it … and you get to a point where that little light in their eyes and their brain goes, 'oh, oh I get that'…. That’s a beautiful moment.”

As his students grow older, McEwen says that it does not end here.

“Being in a small town, I’m probably going to see them for the rest of my life and pretty much on a daily basis. It’s good have that communication, that relationship, just because you know it doesn’t end here, education should last the rest of your life.”

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