Educator of the Week - Alexander

Laura Bannon

BRADFORD, Tenn. -- Kindergarten teacher Shaula Alexander says she will never give up on her students.

She explained that seeing their progression throughout the year is her favorite part of teaching.

"Working with children and to see how much they've changed from the time at the beginning of the year to the end of the year," Alexander said.

She says working with young children is where she was meant to be and it is a place where she knows she can make an impact.

"They come in with an interest level," Alexander said. "They're ready to learn and you can motivate them easier and they really, really want to learn and they want to progress and they really love it."

This educator says she wants only the best for her students.

" Bradford schools we always expect highly of our students, that one of our goals that we work for every child," Alexander said.

She says it can come off as strict at times but hopes they can overcome their fears and are excited for their bright future.

"An educator is one that looks a child and sees where he's at and then helps them to move forward and to be the best that he can be and be positive about himself," Alexander said.


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