Sherri Brawner Educator of the Week


Educator of the Week - Brawner

Laura Bannon

GLEASON, Tenn. - Sherri Brawner is the smiling and welcoming face who welcomes students to pre-kindergarten at Gleason School. A caring educator for 19 years, Brawner said she loves every minute of teaching young children.

"The smiles on the children faces and the great comments I get from parents, listening to the children make good choices, and praising each other is my favorite part," she said.

Through fun and laughter, the love of education is captured in the lives of her young students.

"Through play and just having conversations with each other and they learn from each other they learn through peers. In pre-K that's what they see. We're their guide into the right direction."

As a leader, motivator, and counselor Brawner hopes she can instill the love of learning in the others.

"They trust us they come to us they want to sit in your lap they want us to hold, hug them. We are their mom, their second set of ears, becoming a part of their family and they do become apart of our family as well too."

It is life skills that are taught in this classroom that they will carry on for the rest of their life.

"Building character. I think the character we instill in these children is the most important part, we need to make them ready to go to kindergarten, we need them to build on following the rules and social skills," said Brawner.


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