Debbie Burke


Educator of the Week - Burke

Laura Bannon

JACKSON, Tenn. - Whitehall Pre-K teacher Debbie Burke says she loves working with 3 and 4-year-olds because they are so new to learning.

"We take them as they are and take them on a journey as what the expectations of the whole system, the parents, the school, of course the state is required. It is fun seeing them go through the journey," Burke explained.

This educator goes above and beyond for her students. She said that if one of her students is sick, she will call them to check in.

"I think that is just mommy-ism when you are teaching. There is just so many times that you have to put on the mom hat and try to think how I would want my children treated. I try to treat them the same way."

In a pre-kindergarten classroom is may just look like fun and games but Burke's job as a special education teacher comes with a big responsibility.

"We have to teach them to be independent in a real world and teach them daily lessons that will make them successful."

Burke said as an educator it is her job to help students find the joy in the journey.

"Be able to break it down and make it fun. In our case to make it easy to learn through play. I mean that's what we do, we play but we're learning through play," Burke said.


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