Educator of the Week - Burkett

Laura Bannon

TRENTON, Tenn. - Carissa Burkett comes from a family of teachers. For as great all her teachers were, she says there was one who had a lasting impression.

"My 5th grade teacher. She always took the time for us individually and made sure all our needs were met in the classroom," Burkett said. "That's what I try to do for my students to make each one of them understand and can succeed at their own level."

This educator says at Spring Hill School, everyone knows each other and she enjoys the close knit feeling.

"We are like a little family out here. I know kids from kindergarten to 8th grade and that's such a benefit of teaching at a small school [....] we all interact well."

Burkett says she takes responsibility in showing these children the world around them. So last year, the idea of taking the kids to Disney World came up. So her and the 8th grade students raised $10,000 and went on the adventure.

"We thought it would be a great opportunity for these students and since we are a rural area, I want to expose them to other cultures and other things they may never be exposed to," said Burkett.

This educator says she also applied for grants to use in the classroom. With the money she got her students iPods. She says she did all this because she cares.

"I like to expose our students to a lot of technology and things that are going to broaden their aspect of the world and prepare them for what comes next in their lives."


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