Paul Carroll McKenzie Middle School


Educator of the Week - Carroll

Laura Bannon

MCKENZIE, Tenn. - McKenzie Middle School seventh grade teacher, Paul Carroll enjoys sharing his love for social studies with his students.

Carroll explains, "I love the subject material that I have had the opportunity to teach in the classrooms." He says, "When they pick up on the subject and they understand it, I enjoy that. As a teacher that feels good."

This educator says one of his favorite parts of teaching is being able to interact with students.

Carroll said he tries to use his students interests while teaching because they allow students to relate to the material. "I will use movies as an example or will actually use an example like music, something they can relate to themselves and bring that into the classroom," he explained.

When Carroll is not inside the classroom, you can find him outside on the football field. "I went into teaching because football was one of the draws," Carroll said. "I enjoyed playing football growing up and the idea of having the chance to coach as a career was also always appealing to me."

This educator says he tries to bring a light-hearted approach on and off the field. "I like to cut up with the kids in the classroom and also on the football field and make it as enjoyable," Carrol said. "I know there are so many distractions out there and other things these kids could be doing. So I try to get them involved and focus on what we are doing, I try to attack it in a way of making it humorous and also entertaining to them at the same time."


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