Caitlyn Cochran Educator of the Week


Educator of the Week - Cochran

Laura Bannon

DYER, Tenn. - Caitlyn Cochran teaches at Gibson County High School and said she cares for the students like her own children.

"I can tell them all the time they are my kids and I enjoy being able to take a subject I love so much and make them love it too, I want my kids to love to learn."

Cochran said every teacher has a calling, her's is teaching teenagers in order to shape their lives.

"I think they are at an age where they tend the most support and they need people there to encourage them and push them," explained Cochran.

As an educator, this means she wears many hats throughout the day.

"We are parents some days, teachers, educators, then we are role models and such. I sometimes spend a lot of days being a cheerleader," she explained. "When children are excited they have someone who supports them, they are willing to take that scary step and try something they're not sure about and try something new."

Cochran hopes to do this in order to make a difference in the lives of her students.

"Whether that be academically, socially, personally, I think we educate way more. Way more information that comes out of a textbook," explained Cochran.


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