Educator of the Week - Coleman

Laura Bannon

ATWOOD, Tenn. - Marcia Coleman is an 8th grade teacher at West Carroll Jr./Sr. High School and enjoys science because everyday is an adventure.

Coleman said years ago she was able to go on a Naval Survey Ship and says that experience was life changing, "That developed my love of science. It's always been there but I think I was scared to bring it out and that gave me the confidence to work with kids."

Now working with students for 35 years, she says she still experiences new things and challenges.

"That's what keeps me going and I don't do the same thing year after year. I look for different thing to keep me fresh, I might get in a rut but that's the reward of teaching science," she said.

In this classroom, Coleman says her students never know what will happen next. She says she like to keep her students guessing. "I like to do things to surprise them." she explains. "That way not only are they learning but they enjoy it enough that they're going to remember it later on."

If it's reading a textbook or practicing labs, this educator promises her students that everyone can succeed.

She says, "I like to teach with the three different modems of being able to hear it, read it, and do it. That way I'm hitting all the learners at the same time."

To Coleman, an educator is someone who takes their students by the hand and guides them, through a journey. She says, "whatever that journey is, It might be at school or it might be in life in general."


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