Educator of the Week - Coleman

Laura Bannon

UNION CITY, Tenn. - Caroline Coleman is a 4th grade teacher at Lake Road School. This educator says she loves teaching fourth grade because students that age like to play and are easy to joke around with.

"We have a good time in here," Coleman said. "We make learning fun. They're very involved; it's not just so much just me teaching but they're involved in the instruction as well. They help each other and we all work together."

Since these young kids are with Coleman for a good part of the day, she says it is important to her that they feel like they are at home.

"The more comfortable they are with you the easier it is going to be to build their confidence." Coleman explains. "If they respect you and they want to do it for you it's just going to get better. I think you need that connection with them for sure."

Even with all the struggles involved, Coleman says there is no greater reward than being a teacher.

"When you've been working forever, you think okay we're going to go over this one more time or we're going to try it this way or that way and all of a sudden you see it in their eyes it's like oh, I get it now."

These 'ah-ha moments' to Coleman is what teaching is all about.

"It's very rewarding it makes you feel like it's definitely worth it," Coleman. "There's nothing else I would rather be doing than teaching."


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