Educator of the Week - Davidson

Laura Bannon

HENDERSON, Tenn. - West Chester Elementary third grade teacher, Denise Davidson believes that making learning fun, is the key to success.

"You have to get the kids involved, they don't realize that they are actually learning until they actually do it." She said, "I think an educator is someone who can actually do that, be able to teach and make it enjoyable for them."

Davidson has taught for more than 20 years and said she loves third grade because it is fun and there is more material.

"You can do a little more work with them, it's a little more challenging. We can get into discussions, conversations, researching,
and do a lot more different things then you would with the lower grades."

She likes to challenge her students, but she also tries to keep the classroom an exciting place to be.

"We play games, I try to bring energy to my classroom and hopefully get that back from them. We act silly sometimes and just try to make it fun."

This educator hopes she can make a life-long impact on her students.

"I expect great things out of my student, I expect them to go on and be leaders. To do really well in their school career and really make something great of themselves."


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