Educator of the Week - Lynn Davis

Laura Bannon

LEXINGTON, Tenn. - South Haven Elementary School first grade teacher Lynn Davis has a big heart when it comes to education.

Davis said, "I really enjoy watching children grow in their confidence and how it expands throughout the year."

Davis’ students light up her day. "With little children everyday is exciting. When they come in, they are anxious to start the day. They want to tell you what they learned from the previous day and so that keeps everyday exciting."

She says she always puts her heart in what she is doing and is excited. "Always put your students first, and make sure that, while you are teaching, that it's fun and educational. We're up and down a lot, we go down the road for hope group instruction and go back to do individual work. We'll stand up and do some exercises or say riddles or poems. [Just find] something to keep it really exciting and different throughout the day."


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