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Educator of the Week - Davis

Laura Bannon

HURON, Tenn. - After substitute teaching for ten years, the young students at Westover Elementary School influenced Betty Davis to be a fourth grade teacher.

She says, "Being here everyday and seeing the smiling faces made me want to go back to get my education to teach so I could be in the classroom."

Davis has now been teaching for nine years as a language arts educator and says it can be a challenge. She explains, "In a certain time frame it's a very tough subject to teach at anytime. If you had all day, it just wouldn't be enough."

For this educator seeing students learn is sometimes beyond words.

Davis tells WBBJ 7 Eyewitness news, "Just the expressions the students make well, when they get it, well, it's just so wonderful."

She says at an early age you need to teach them everything you can."If they learn how to be dependent and looked upon; Then later on they can realize that people see them at a young age. They then will want to be like them so it gives them an opportunity to be a better role model."

This means that a bright future is ahead. Davis says, "I hope all my students will achieve and be proficient at any level."

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