Educator of the Week - DeLoach

Laura Bannon

MEDINA, Tenn. - Margaret DeLoach has taught at the elementary school level for 16 years and says she understands children.

"I did not enjoy reading for a long time, I was not a very good reader in school and so I have that experience in what that's like," DeLoach said.

At Medina Elementary School, she says it is her goal to not let that happen make school a fun place.

"Being that it is a new experience they are usually very eager, motivated, and excited," DeLoach said. "I do not necessarily have to motivate, they love coming to school. We like to do dancing and singing, a lot of hands on things, not much pencil and paper."

This educator says it is more than just fun and games. DeLoach says education comes with a support system. Both parents and students are involved and it is important to her that they are communicating.

"Most of it is getting them the information and listening to their concerns and questions," DeLoach explained.

She says she treats their children as if they were mine and is always asking herself what she would want for her children.

DeLoach says that all she wants for them is to never give up no matter the obstacles they may come across in life.

"Families come back and say you know we miss you but they are doing so good in first grade. That is reward. I feel like I have done my job when they are successful and over-prepared for first grade."


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