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Erik Taylor

NORTH JACKSON -- It's now time to honor this week's Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Week.

Meet Adele Ellington, an algebra teacher at Liberty Tech High School. Ellington lives in Jackson and attended the Union University.
She started teaching almost 21 years ago.

Ellington attended some well known schools within West Tennessee. Ellington went to high school in Memphis at Briarcrest and to Union University for her teaching degree. At Union University she met her husband to whom she married and has been here ever since.

Ellington says she has a true drive and passion to teach, but admits the job comes with challenges.

"Well sure there is a challenge of balancing your time and making sure you meet your deadlines and when just you have to realize when you go home your not through with your job," Ellington said. "You carry it home with you, you work on it at home."

After school, Ellington coaches tennis and advises the yearbook club. She is a teacher of many "hats" and feels these programs allow students to grow.

Ellington has a strong commitment to her students and their success.

"I really care for my students learn its important to me that they learn," Ellington said. "Not just that there here to do what there suppose to do. That they actually learn and remember it and they can use what they learn and it will make them a better person in the future."

Ellington says she enjoys seeing her students master the material and achieve their goals.

Ellington will be eligible for the state-wide Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Month award.

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