Educator of the Week - Haynes

Brittany Patterson

Martin Elementary School 5th grade teacher Lindsay Haynes is finishing up her first year in her classroom, but she has been teaching since she was very young.

"My dad bought me a chalkboard when I was little. I remember he came home with it and I was so excited, even though it was all scratched up, I did not care," said Haynes. "I practiced my multiplication facts in third grade on my chalkboard with my little brother and my teddy bears and my Cabbage Patch Dolls."

Haynes has since traded in dolls and teddy bears for her students, and says she loves seeing them grow.

"They are little adults," said Haynes. "They have grown from the scared children they were that came in on registration day, and they are ready to go to middle school."

This educator said she has grown this year, too.

"I have learned a lot about my own teaching style - what I like, what works, what doesn't work," said Haynes. "I've learned a lot about classroom management and they've taught me to laugh at things that might go wrong and to just go with it."

They have taught her to go with it and cheer them on.

"I tell them they are like butterflies and they are coming out and they are going to get to fly away and go to middle school and live wonderful lives," said Haynes. "I know that these kids, when they look back, they're going to remember, 'Somebody believed in me.' And I want to be that person. 'Somebody was rooting me on.'"


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