Educator of the Week - Holmes

Laura Bannon

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. - Everyday is a new day and a new challenge, that is what East End Elementary School teacher Christine Holmes enjoys the most about working with second grade students.

"Helping them reach their potential and their talents, really find their talents and showing them," Holmes explains.

This educator understands children and want to help them find their strengths because she cares.

"The kids... when they come in here you know, they are coming here with their background and everything in their family, I just want them to know I understand everything, I can relate to them," she says.

An environment that creates a sense of belonging, where her students feel valued is essential to this educator.

"It gives them confidence they feel safe to learn, make mistakes, and when they make mistakes they know its okay, they're going to be fine."

It's important to Holmes that her students have enough self-esteem to take on new challenges in their life. All she asks is that her students do their best.

"To give me everything they've got because i'm going to give them what I've got," she said.


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