Educator of the Week - Howell

Laura Bannon

CROCKETT COUNTY, Tenn. - Bells Elementary School pre-kindergarten teacher Anisha Howell has a classroom full of love and energy.

Howell explained a typical day in her classroom: "Busy, busy, busy, lots of work and lots of fun and lots of playing."

For this educator, it is not always just about having fun and playing games, it comes with a big responsibility.

"Learning to follow the rules they have to learn how to get along with other kids learning how to do basic things for themselves," she said.

These are all things that take a lot of patience and understanding when being a pre-kindergarten teacher.

Howell realizes that she is a big part of their lives so this means she has to always be there for every student.

"I like to be their friend as well as their teacher and I want them to be able to trust me and to come with me when they have problems to just be like their second mother kind've," Howell said.

As an educator, she hopes that pre-kindergarten will be her students' building block for life.

"This starts their foundation for school in general, if they love pre-k then more than likely they are going to enjoy school as they go on," she said.

When her students leave her classroom, Howell hopes to make a difference in her students' lives.

"I want them to go home having learned something new that day and to remember something they learned a previous day and to go home and feeling like they have been somewhere where they were loved during the day."

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