Educator of the Week - James

Laura Bannon

HURON, TN - Educator Vicky James loves teaching and working with her students.

"I love kindergarten, I love children, and I just love the ah-ha moments when they get it. I love reading and I love teaching them how to read…”

For 19 years, James ran a daycare while raising a family of her own. She said her inspiration to become an educator actually started with her own children.

“My children were in school and I saw the work they did and I just loved it, I loved helping them. It’s everyday, you learn something new and they do too…”

She has worked with children for 23 years and believes that teaching young students can have its moments.

“Kindergarten is very challenging, and it takes special people to teach kindergarten, you have to love small children because it’s a growing year for them.”

James said her students are tough and that she enjoys watching them rise to the challenge everyday.

“When you see children struggle and they tell you it’s hard, and they can’t do it, you pull them and get that extra one on one time with them just to have them look at you and tell you thank you."

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