Tori Liggett Educator of the Week


Educator of the Week - Liggett

Laura Bannon

WEAKLEY COUNTY, Tenn. - Greenfield School teacher and basketball coach, Tori Liggett, enjoys learning with her students.

Tiggett explained her favorite part of teaching is the interaction with her students and building relationships with them.

Originally a kindergarten teacher dealing with the basics, Liggett jumped to fifth grade to face more challenges.

"It was a big jump and a learning curve for me, but I do love it and I love being around kids all day," she said.

Preparing her children with the knowledge they need sometimes is not enough.

"I care about children and I want to build their self-esteem. I try to get them to get the fullest of life and to always be good characters," said Liggett.

This educator hopes to build character not only inside her classroom but also out on the basketball court.

"I just try to teach them about hard work, determination, and teamwork most of all. I try to incorporate that and the things they do in my classroom. By putting them in groups and working as a team," she said.

Liggett said that by doing this it helps build character to make them well-rounded individuals.


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