Educator of the Week - McIntosh

Laura Bannon

HENRY, Tenn. - Lane McIntosh is a pre-kindergarten teacher a Henry Elementary School and says working with 2 and 3-year-olds, you never know what you're going to get.

"We have a lot of pretend injuries we use a lot of pretend band aids." She adds, "Some of their art projects don't necessarily look the way it's supposed to like the shamrock man with arms coming out of his ears," said McIntosh.

Correcting them is something they try to keep away from when working with young children. McIntosh said that she likes to encourage her students to be creative and use their imagination. "That's how they see things and the way they think." she said.

By developing creativity, it keeps these children in charge of their education.

"They need a lot of interaction with their friends they are learning how to play and that mommy time its all about bringing them together and showing what its like to be an adult through child-like skills," she said.

Although it may sound like fun and games, McIntosh said, "Education comes first they still need a lot of nurturing so it's about making them feel comfortable and social."

To her, that is what an educator is.

"Someone who fosters a child's development all the vocabulary words, life experiences to friendships to being able to cope with all different situations."


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