Amber Morgan Educator of the Week


Educator of the Week - Morgan

Laura Bannon

MEDINA, Tenn. - South Gibson County High School Spanish teacher, Amber Morgan is all about her students.

She said, "High schoolers are fun, you can talk to them about certain things, you don't have to break it down to a kids level." Morgan explained, "They are our next generation, it's fun to sow back into that and see what they want to do in their life."

Teaching a foreign language can be difficult, but this educator said having energy means confidence.

"I try to stay focused and have fun," she said. "I know they will make mistakes, so if I act like they can't make mistakes, then they will clam up. I would rather them have energy and be confident."

Her students keep Morgan on her toes.

"They are so full of energy, and sometimes you think they are going to say one thing and they turn around and surprise you with something else. It's really outside of the box... they have interest ways of thinking and I enjoy those refreshing thoughts," said Morgan.

This educator believes in teaching more than what is taught from the textbook.

She said, "Someone that comes in and not only teaches content but tries to teach life and get the kids to focus on what they want to do because that's the whole reason why they are here. We're not here to just give them information. We're here to see what they like and try to make it fun for them."


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