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Educator of the Week - Page

Brittany Patterson

McKenzie Middle School fifth grade science and social studies teacher Sarah Page said her students can always brighten her day.

"They are such a joy, and they have brought such laughter into my life," said Page.

Page brings joy and laughter into their lives by helping them adjust in their first year at middle school.

"It was kind of easy for me this year because this is my first year in the middle school setting and it's been a learning experience for me as well," said Page. "So I think I can relate to them in that way."

Page said her first year teaching fifth grade taught her to let go and have fun - something she hopes her students learned, as well.

"They love activities like [flying paper planes]," said Page. "This is a lot more interesting than sitting around taking notes. And we're applying concepts we've learned about all year long in science. So, just keeping the chaos minimized in is kind of the goal."

In the midst of all the science "chaos", this educator hopes that her students are proud of all the accomplishments they've made this year.

"I hope when they look back on science, they will think that it was so much fun and that they'll learn that school can be an engaging, fun experience," said Page. "And that they'll be hungry for more next year."

It is that hunger Page hopes will never end.

"Never stop learning," said Page. "Read something every single day because there's so much knowledge out there that's at your fingertips."


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