Phillip Plyler Educator of the Week


Educator of the Week - Plyler

Laura Bannon

GIBSON COUNTY, Tenn. - Philip Plyler said sometimes you just have to go with it. This is especially true when it comes to teaching 7th grade math at Medina Middle School.

"You have to be able to go with the flow you have to be willing to just be flexible with anything."

His students keep him on his toes.

"I've always enjoyed working with them. It's always exciting especially at this age they have good personalities you can have fun with them but still help them learn."

Connecting with his students encourages them to take risks in the classroom.

"Part of it is letting the kids know there's more about teaching in the classroom then just doing the math and letting them know more about me just more about what I do outside the class," said Plyler.

This educator is also a coach and applies the same morals on the field.

"Making sure they are performing correctly in the classroom that they're working on their ability. Whenever there's things going on at home just talking to them more than just as a player or a student."


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