Shemon Reaves


Educator of the Week - Reaves

Brittany Patterson

West Middle School geography teacher Shemon Reaves loves seeing the smiles on his students' faces when they accomplish a task.

"It's a sense of excitement," said Reaves. "It runs through your body. An adrenaline rush to know you have inspired somebody to help them gain some knowledge."

As a basketball coach, Reaves said he encourages kids to strive for the best in "The Three C's".

"The 3 C's stand for classroom, community, and then the court when it comes to basketball," said Reaves. "The more knowledge you have, the better citizen you can be in your community. And if you have community support, then the court and basketball will fall into place, because there's such an interaction between all three."

Whether in the classroom, the community, or on the court, this educator makes sure to treat those around him with respect.

"When you model that behavior, then the kids know your expectations, and high expectations yield high results," said Reaves. "So first and foremost, I set that climate by having respect for them, and make them demand respect from me."

Most of all, Reaves wants to inspire his students to take away hope.

"I want to be a walking example of what hope looks like. A person that can remember sitting at the desk as a young man in middle school and high school, and the teacher telling me 'you're not going to be anything.' To which I say, 'look at me now,'"said Reaves. "I just give all praise and glory to the man above. He's just using me as a vessel to reach someone else."


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