Educator of the Week - Roy

Laura Bannon

ALAMO, Tenn. - Congratulations for our Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Week, Amanda Roy. She is a 7th grade teacher at Crockett County Middle School.

This educator has taught for two years and says it's the special connection between her as a teacher and the students that she enjoys the most about teaching.

"I worked at a children's home before I started teaching and when I worked with the kids I realized it was the teacher that had the greatest impact on their lives and that it was the teachers who grabbed their interest and get them motivated," she said.

Roy says working with middle schoolers is where her heart is and she knows that she can make a difference.

"It's such a tender age when they're learning to be independent, make more decision on their own," Roy said. "I'd like to be there for them to help build their self confidence, they need to make good decisions and be confident that they can achieve great things."

It is her goal as an educator to make sure these students realize the importance of education.

"I hope they walk away with a sense of self confidence knowing that they can achieve great things," Roy said.

Roy hopes her excitement and love for reading will be enough to encourage them to become good citizens.

"I have them write a summary of what they read and I'll have them go around I'll talk about what they are reading with them and ask them questions," Roy said. "I get just as excited about what they are reading as they do."


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