Janon Satterfield Educator of the Week


Educator of the Week - Satterfield

Laura Bannon

MILAN, Tenn. - Janon Satterfield is a third grade teacher at Milan Elementary School who says this school year has been an adventure.

"Learning different grades is always a good thing because you get to learn their skills and what they can and cannot do." she explains.

This educator has always wanted to teach and she hopes her style will make a difference.

"My number one goal every year is to develop a relationship with every child in the my classroom or every child that comes into my classroom and also to prepare them for the next year and having taught other grades I know what they need for next year."

Satterfield likes to help them learn the academics while encouraging them in every aspect of their life.

"Try to teach life skills and responsibility as you become an adult you know through group work and cooperating with each other and teaching them life lessons as well."

Her favorite part of teaching is seeing her students progression during the school year. To Satterfield it's a good reminder that they are gearing up for the next step in their life.

"By touching their lives and they tough mine in a big way, every year I'm always so sad to see them go."


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