Educator of the Week - Sells

Laura Bannon

HENDERSON, Tenn. -- East Chester Elementary School teacher, Carrie Sells, says she loves all the special moments she shares with her young second grade students.

"They are just excited about everything, they are very easy to get excited at this age, they are respectful, and they love their teacher," Sells said.

This educator believes the best times are when she is working with her students during small group time.

"If you are one-on-one, you have eye contact ,you are right there with them. It really helps because they are paying attention to you."

During group work is when Sells says she can really show her students what they are capable of.

"If I'm excited about what I'm doing then they 're going to be excited and I really have that rapport with them one on one that allows them to work harder for me and want to open their mind to learning and listening to what I have to say," Sells said.

"I love it when they get excited about a career when they are young," Sells said. "They might change their mind several times but just the fact they're excited is what gives them a desire to learn more about it. So (in the future) they can choose that road or have the knowledge to choose something else whatever fits their personality."


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