Educator of the Week - Sgt. Sykes

Laura Bannon

MCKENZIE, Tenn. - Sgt. Jackie Sykes has been caring for students at McKenzie Special School District by keeping them safe as their resource off and D.A.R.E instructor.

He said the best the part teaching is the light bulb moment.

"I like to see them say hey I understand now, what you're talking about and why I need to stay away from a particular person or hey what this will actually to do me or what it would do to my family," explained Sykes.

When his students learn something new, it hits home.

"My goal is to save one child. If I can save one young person... There's no amount of money you can put on it. My goal is to get them to see the negatives in the world as well as the positives,"
said Sgt. Sykes.

From kindergarten to high school, Officer Sykes is always lending a helping hand.

"Some of them have been a support staff for me as I've been a support staff to them."

To Officer Sykes, it is not only about drugs and alcohol but life skills as well.

"If we can get them to say no to all the other problems they have then saying no to other drugs is going to be easy when they get there."

All children will be faced with problems and challenges in their lifetime, it's all how you handle it," Sgt. Sykes said.

"You can make it a great thing or you can make it disastrous. That's what I hope they take from it. The opportunity to do the right thing."


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