Kristy Sherrod


Educator of the Week - Sherrod

Brittany Patterson

Even though Sacred Heart of Jesus High School English teacher Kristy Sherrod is an educator, she says she's also a learner.

"Teachers are always constant learners no matter what we teach," said Sherrod. "And I enjoy it. I always call myself a perpetual student because I'm constantly learning."

Sherrod is constantly learning and constantly helping: she's involved with everything from student government, yearbook, and prom committee.

"I have to make time for it all," said Sherrod. "And sometimes it's not easy, but I do everything for the school and for the students. And that's what drives me to do it all and how I'm able to do it all."

In a small but growing school, Sherrod says she wants her students to have the same opportunities as students at larger schools.

It's important to the students that they have a good time and learn," said Sherrod. "And if they can do that, then it's important to me to help them be able to do that."

And it's also important to her to help her students grow.

"If I can help a student grow within themselves in learning, in things that they do and just in life in general, then I've accomplished something," said Sherrod. "Even if it's just a one student of thousands that I may teach before I retire, then I've accomplished something."

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