Educator of the Week - Sherrod

Laura Bannon

ALAMO, Tenn. - Alamo City School pre-kindergarten teacher Reida Sherrod's classroom is full of laughter.

Sherrod says a typical day in her class involves singing, dancing, acting silly, dancing. She also explains her teaching style as unique while encouraging her students to think outside of the box. "Take a pile of dirt and make something of it. To go outside instead of writing on a piece of paper, you take a stick and rock and leaves or write in the sand," said Sherrod.

Sherrod has taught for 27 years and says that she has seen generations of students come into her classroom.

She says, "I am actually teaching children that I have all ready taught."
Sherrod explains, "It's exciting to see that these children were so young that you were apart of their lives and they have become productive adults."

This educator says she is out of the box. "You may find me singing, dancing. You may see me wearing a silly hat,. You may find me in clothes that don't fit and may be mismatched, anything that's outside of the box because it spriits the creativity in your brain," she explained.

Her teaching style is one you will never forget. "I still have children who are adults now, that are in their 30s, who come and sing songs that I taught them in fifth and sixth grade," said Sherrod.


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