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Educator of the Week - Smith

Brittany Patterson

Westover Elementary School Pre-K teacher Jenny Smith said she loves seeing the light bulb go off when her students learn something new.

"It may take more than once, it make take more than twice. But once they get it, they're so proud," said Smith. "And I'm right there with them."

She is right in there with them when it comes to singing, dancing, and moving all around.

"They're 3-5 year-olds, so active is our day," said Smith. "We're always up, we're down, we're up and down all day long. Our music is very active, our activities are very active. It's not just recess or gym time that we're moving. Our daily curriculum is movement."

Smith said many of her students have no spent time away from their parents, but that she takes each of them in as her very own.

"Once they begin school, their parents have them at night. I have them during the day. They're mine," said Smith. "Anything that goes on with them - I'm mama, I'm Ms. Jenny, I'm nurse, I'm everything.... so they're mine."

And as long as they are hers, Smith said she will do what it takes to get them excited about learning.

"They love it. They love it. And it does me good to know that they love being here," said Smith.


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