Katie Spence Educator of the Week


Educator of the Week - Spence

Laura Bannon

CROCKETT COUNTY, Tenn. - Maury City Elementary fifth grade teacher, Katie Spence, enjoys her students fresh attitude to learn everyday.

Spence said, "I love seeing children have the light bulb come on and they all of a sudden understand something they have never understood before."

She said as an educator, she hopes to be a good role model for her students.

"Even at this young age, I've always tried to motivate them and try to help them be self motivated," said Spence. "So that they know that their future depends on them. It's when they're young like this they are more open to that."

This educator treats her students like family to help building their self-esteem.

She said, "I use a lot of praise and love with my students to encourage them to feel like they're important.. that they are doing a good job even if it's really small."

Mrs. Spence hopes to prepare her students for a bright future.

"I hope that I can instill them the desire to be all they can be to see beyond the life they are living now."


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