Educator of the Week - Tate

Laura Bannon

DYER, Tenn. - Jeremy Tate wears several hats at Gibson County High School.

From honors biology teacher to band director all in a day; this educator is truly dedicated to students.

"The kids are just open and receptive to knowledge and they always want to give their best," Jeremy Tate said. "That's one of the joys I have each day is I pour myself into them and hopefully make them a better citizen and students overall."

This educator says he hopes to make them a better person by relating to them and being there for them.

"You have got to connect with them you've got to have some one-on-one connection with them before they're ever going to give you a chance and open their minds to you," Tate said.

All Tate asks in return is to give their best and he will help with the rest.

"I think the biggest thing is to get on their level and make an example for them that they can relate to in real life and if you make the learning come alive like that they're going to be receptive and often times respond positively to that kind of thing," Tate said.

Tate says sometimes part of being a role model means lending an ear.

"They spend more time with me then their family. So, they tell me their problems and I try to help them not only with band but with life issues. We just try to work through things together as a family would and I think that important that's what keeps us cohesive and put together."


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