Leigh Ann Towater


Educator of the Week - Towater

Brittany Patterson

HUNTINGDON, Tenn.- Huntingdon Primary School kindergarten teacher Leigh Ann Towater wishes everyone could love their jobs as much as she loves hers.

"People that can't go to work and have a smile on their face, I wish they could come here and see what we see everyday," said Towater. "There's lots to smile about when you see these children and what the future holds for them."

Towater's believes her students have a bright future.

"I think that so many times, we look back and there's so many teachers that stand out in our mind, and those are the teachers that we know that cared about us," said Towater. "I'm very concerned about what they're learning, but I'm also interested in meeting their individual needs. I they know that I care about them, they want to come to school everyday. And if they feel that way, they know I care, they want to learn."

As a mother of three, this educator understands the importance of working with children and their parents.

"If you know that the teacher genuinely cares for your child, then it's a relief for the parents. They know that their child's going to be taken care of at school," said Towater. "I'm going to treat these children just like I would want somebody to treat my own children out in the community."

Towater said she has a passion for education, and knows kindergarten is where she was meant to be.

"I just feel like it's a blessing. I feel like it's a gift," said Towater. "I think we all have our gifts and talents in life, and this just happens to be mine."


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