Educator of the Week - Wilkes

Laura Bannon

MAURY CITY, Tenn. - Bonnie Wilkes is a third grade teacher at Maury City Elementary School.

This educator has a passion for education and knows this is where she was meant to be.

"I remember specifically my 3rd grade teacher," Wilkes said. "She loved on me, encouraged me and allowed me to have special roles in the classroom and that's when I fell in love."

She wants each of her students to know that she truly cares.

"It's such an honor and I want children to experience that as well and to know that they are each sweet and special and can do big things," Wilkes said.

Wilkes said that she believes in her students.

"Makes a classroom safe and warm and inviting and an educator is one who loves their children and wake up each day and gives them a clean slate and each day they have an opportunity to shine."

An educator to her is also one who can make a difference in their students lives.

"I know that it is a joy and pleasure that I have to be with these children everyday," Wilkes said. "Some children might not have wonderful homes and if I can just share a little bit of the joy and love I have for them, then maybe they will understand they are important and special and they'll grow up thinking that and do big things."


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