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Educator of the Week - Willis

Brittany Patterson

Jacks Creek Elementary School first grade teacher Susan Willis sees a leap in her students' learning throughout the year.

"It is actually one of the essential building blocks, and if they don't get what they need in first grade, it's hard to fill in those gaps as they move on," said Willis. "So we work really hard to learn everything we need to learn and prepare to move to that bigger grade."

In order to help prepare them for that bigger grade, Willis keeps her students active and engaged.

"I believe that they probably enjoy the movement, the energy, the different creative things we do to accomplish our learning," said Willis.

Teaching is something this educator has wanted to do since she was her students' age.

"To be honest, I cannot think of anything I've ever wanted to do other than teaching," said Willis. "I believe the first time I told my mother I wanted to teach, I was 5 years old, and it's been my dream ever since."

That's why Willis encourages her students to reach for their own dreams, which she says starts with an education.

"That means being respectful in class, following rules, doing their best, not being ashamed when they struggle, and except help and try harder," said Willis. "And they know it must continue - not when they leave Ms. Susan - but that it has to continue in order to have those great things they want in life."

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