Educator of the Week - Wilson

Laura Bannon

MCKENZIE, Tenn. - Jill Wilson was nominated as our Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Week for her smiling face and welcoming attitude toward her kindergarten students as they arrive at McKenzie Elementary School.

"It is important to greet your children with love and let them know this is a safe place to be and a safe place to grow and make mistakes and learn and do your best," Jill Wilson said, Educator of the Week.

This educator says this is where she was meant to be and there there is no other place she would rather be.

"I have always loved teaching kindergarten, its always been my favorite place. I love this age they are just so sweet and excited about learning."

A mother of three, this educator says she treats her students as her own.

"I always want for my children in my classroom the things I want for my own personal little boys," explained Wilson. "I want to do for them what I would do for my children."

To Wilson, it is a joy and pleasure to see her young students grow and reach the best they can be.

"I am so impressed with them they can learn so much and they're reading and doing math. I am just so impressed on how far they have come."


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