Educator of the Week - Wilson

Laura Bannon

ALAMO, Tenn. -- Brandi Wilson is a kindergarten teacher and says she enjoys the atmosphere at Alamo Elementary School because it is full of love.

"We are all just one big family we all work together. We all help each other if we need help, we always put our kids first and we do what they need above ours," said Brandi Wilson.

The educator says she worked at daycare's and has always loved children. Wilson believes patience and having lots of energy is important.

"Kindergarten is very eventful, some days go very smooth and some day you kind of just have to roll with the flow with them."

The love she gets in return she says is rewarding.

"They come in and run like they haven't seen me in a week. They're very loving and supportive to you and they want to do good," Wilson explained, "If you show them the love and respect that they need they try really hard for you.

At the end of the day, she hopes each students walks out of her classroom knowing that they are cared for not only in their education but in life as well.

"To give them love and even a hug everyday some of them may not get that everyday and so a lot of the time they'll sit on my lap and we'll read and maybe do work in my lap but that may be the only hug they get that day."


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