Educator of the Week: Moore

Erik Taylor

MILAN, Tenn. -- Megan Moore is a 4th grade teacher at Milan Elementary School. She says she loves interacting with students through hands on activities in the classroom.

"My favorite part is building relationships with the kids and seeing how far they've grown from the beginning of the year to the end of the year." Moore said.

This teacher of 6 years is a graduate of both Bradford High School and Union University. She is known for her distinct flare in the classroom.

"My wow factor is excitement," Moore said. "I am excited and enthusiastic about the learning and so are they. I think my wow factor comes a lot from the kids. We kind of feed off each other and whenever the light bulb moment goes off or when they interact in the lessons. That's a great moment for me as a teacher." Moore says.

Moore says she's encountered many challenges while teaching. The biggest is getting those students motivated.

"Motivation is a challenge this time of year. One thing that we did get them motivated for is the TCAP. We did a TCAP rap just to kind of keep them engaged, involved, and motivated to do their best." Moore said.

Moore hopes that kind of excitement to learn spreads outside the classroom.

"That their worth and their value go farther than their academics. That what they're learning is preparing them for life and to always do their best. To dig deep." Moore says.

Moore hopes to continue to build relationships with her students and to watch them grow. She hopes that all of them succeed in their futures and eventually into the real world.


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