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Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper involved in late night shooting

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. -- The Tennessee Highway Patrol confirms one of their troopers was involved in a shooting late Monday night. The shooting occurred along Highway 76 in Brownsville, where officers had the road blocked off until around 2 a.m. According to investigators, a trooper pulled a man over just before the shooting occurred. Lt. Bill Miller... Read more »

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With detour ahead, JMCSS in need of more bus drivers

JACKSON, Tenn. -- Jackson-Madison County School System officials say it's in need of more bus drivers before current staff take a detour into retirement at the end of the school year.  JMCSS... Read More »

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District tournament schedule: Basketball

District tournament action in high school basketball has been postponed for the third straight day in West Tennessee. The shuffling around and game of musical chairs can't go on forever. The Tennessee... Read More »

Madison County Sheriff's Office encourages public to stay off roads

JACKSON, Tenn.-- The Madison County Sheriff's Office strongly encourages the public to stay off the roads due to dangerous conditions. Tom Mapes, the Public Information Officer for the Madison County... Read More »

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