Car Burn Victim's Family Speaks

Jordan Hall

JACKSON, Tenn. -- Teliesha Souter's family is looking for closure as they try to move on from a tragedy.

"I think we're stronger than ever now. It's made a lot of us look at things in different ways," said Robin Bolden, a cousin of Souter.

The family gathered around her house Easter Sunday, one day after they laid their loved one to rest. Flowers sit in front of the porch of her home, celebrating the life she lived.

"It's not real to me. It's not real for the family from Wisconsin or Illinois. This is something we would never believe. We don't see her. We don't see her smile - it's not the same," said family member Diamond Grandy.

Wanting answers, the family called police to come out to the home today asking for any information they have in the case.

"That is why we called investigators out here today,because we buried her yesterday, and now we want some type of closure to what really happened," said Souter's uncle, Fred Hicks.

As the family gathered around investigators, they had many questions to ask.

"Was it intentional or not?" asked Bolden. "At the same time we lost her so death is death. We lost her."

Not that the family has headed home, they say they're putting their worries aside.

"I feel 100% better. I feel so good because I know God is working, Taliesha is working, and you know everything is going to work out," said Grandy.

Souter leaves behind a little boy, and family says now that she's gone, they feel she will live through him.


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